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Dan Kreuger
Loan Originator
Office: (616) 974-9215
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About Me

In my 10 years' experience in Mortgage Lending, I have closed hundreds of loans in all shapes and sizes. In that time, I have learned one very important thing that most lenders don't understand: it's not about me. It's about you, your financial goals, and what I can do to help you achieve them. I commit to providing all my clients with the following: 


  • A Customized, Tailored Solution: I will take the time to get to know your unique financial situation, and understand your needs. By doing this, I can provide you with a custom tailored loan program that helps you best achieve your short, middle, and long term financial goals.
  • A Surprise Free Transaction: When you begin a loan application with me, I will invest the time at the beginning of the process to ensure that we have discussed your application thoroughly. This will payoff throughout the transaction by eliminating surprises along the way. Your application will be structured properly, and you will understand the terms. This will give you the confidence to know you are making the best decision.
  • A Simple and Stress Free Transaction: There are two key factors I use to make this process as easy for my clients as possible: Technology and Professionalism. By using our Digital Mortgage platform, we make the process as simple as checking your email. By giving your application the time and attention it deserves, we eliminate the surprises and the stress.

You deserve great customer service, honest advice, and someone to handle your application with respect and professionalism. I promise to provide you with all of these, as well as the best rate and fee structure available.


Dan Kreuger, Loan Originator NMLS #443071
VanDyk Mortgage Corporation
2449 Camelot Ct SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49546
Office:  (616) 974-9215
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